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Gourmet Candy

Gourmet Candy

In the past few years, there has been a resurgence in interest in all things gourmet, from fine wine to haute cuisine, to specialty desserts, and gourmet chocolate is no exception.

What defines gourmet candy?

Gourmet Candy PralinesAnyone can go to the local drugstore and pick up a cheap chocolate bar, a can of soup, perhaps an inexpensive bottle of wine. But we all know this doesn’t even begin to compare with the quality of the same menu items in a nice restaurant. What’s the difference? It’s hand-selection, small batch production, and the careful artistry of the person preparing the food. The dime-store candy bar is no comparison to actual gourmet chocolate candy.

At Southern Candymakers, we have been working for 20 years to ensure that every chocolate we make is a gourmet chocolate.  Every piece of candy is handmade by experts in our chocolate kitchen so we know that everything leaving our shop is gourmet candy.

Welcome Gourmet Candy Box
Our caramel is all made from scratch in small batches and poured by hand. When you order from Southern Candymakers, we don’t pre-package and we don’t have a warehouse where we keep boxes until they’re ordered. We make each box to order and pack it by hand before we ship it off to your home, or sell it over the counter in our Decatur Street shops.  This is the essence of gourmet chocolate candy: artisan methods of preparation and fresh, high-quality ingredients.

We are constantly innovating to create new kinds of gourmet candy. Our highly talented gourmet chocolate makers constantly develop new candies, and sometimes those candies become instant hits. Our Bourbon Street Bark is just such a candy. We take what may be considered to be ordinary ingredients  (peanut butter, pretzels, crisp rice, and chocolate sandwich cookies), and add them to our gourmet chocolate in just the right proportion with just the right techniques so that the final product transcends the simple ingredients and becomes, in its total, a truly gourmet chocolate candy.

Gourmet Candy Holiday TowersAnother example of gourmet innovation is our delicious, buttery English toffee.  We originally started out with milk chocolate almond toffee. Once we perfected that recipe, we started trying different combinations on ingredients. Now we have developed two more varieties, a white chocolate macadamia toffee and a dark chocolate pecan toffee, both of which definitely qualify as gourmet candy. These kind of personal touches and careful innovations in flavor are what define us from other candy stores.  We don’t use the same old formula to fit into any mold. We don’t cut corners and compromise on the quality of ingredients or the painstaking processes that make our candy taste so good. And that is the definition not only of gourmet candy; it is the definition of gourmet.