For some, the flavorful and chewy texture of salt water taffy brings up memories of childhood fun.  For others, it's a recollection of a tasty, fruity treat enjoyed during a leisurely stroll through the French Quarter.  And for those who’ve visited the Crescent City on business, maybe it's a reminder of a light hearted party favor in their company gift bag.  Or it could just simply be because it makes your mouth water just looking at all the colorful flavors.  

However salt water taffy shows up for you, it goes without saying how delectable this confection is.  And here at Southern Candymakers, we house a rainbow of flavors that are bound to entice you.  Treat your taste buds to raspberry lemonade, fruit punch, key lime, orange, strawberry, and banana.  Or craft your own delicious combinations such as: Chocolate Covered Cherry (chocolate and cherry), the Best Surprise Birthday Party Ever (vanilla, birthday cake and cotton candy) or even a refreshing cocktail (watermelon and peppermint)!  

Come on over and customize your own bag of salt water taffy or place your order online.  Until next week!