The Temptation of Toffee

Pretty much anyone you talk to has eaten some brand of toffee in their lifetime.  We're all familiar with the basics: the crisp snap, the buttery flavor, and the sweet balance of chocolate and nuts.  However...can you honestly say you've indulged in fresh, made from scratch toffee in three tempting varieties that keep you wanting more of this English classic?  We didn't think so.

At Southern Candymakers, we take pride in handcrafting to perfection, round discs of chocolately, buttery delight.  Pick your passion.  Silky milk chocolate with thin slices of almonds.  Creamy white chocolate paired with macadamia nuts.  A luxurious dark chocolate with pecans.  Or what about indulging in all three?  

We offer these fresh choices of toffee on a daily basis so you won't get bored. This is to ensure you will always savor the magic that happens in our kitchens on a regular basis.   

Come try them for yourself.  You won't be disappointed.  Until next time!