Our gourmet caramel is truly a showstopper. Made from scratch in small batches using only fresh ingredients, our caramel is soft and creamy, never hard or chewy like the hard cubed caramels you find in the grocery store. Every chocolate caramel Tortue (a chocolate caramel turtle candy, only with our own French twist) is hand-poured by our chocolate-makers onto a bed of fresh, crunchy pecans, and then either covered in chocolate or left alone to be a plain caramel Tortue, otherwise known as a naked turtle! Whether it’s our chocolate caramel Tortues, chocolate-covered caramel candy patties, our salted caramel peanut pirogues, or the chocolate caramel fudge, the fact that we make every single drop by hand, from scratch, in small batches, never using artificial flavorings or shortcuts, takes each caramel candy we use it in to the next level.